Sprinkler Spring Startup $125 – includes up to eight zones. Each additional zone is $5 plus parts and installation (if applicable).  Click here to learn more.
Sprinkler Tune-up Service call plus parts and labor at $90/hour. Click here to learn more.
Sprinkler System Repairs A service call is charged plus pricing activity detailed below as applicable.
Sprinkler Winterization $90 for up to 8 zones, $5 each for each additional zone. Click here for more details.
Service Call

All repair visits include a service call plus the repair activity charge detailed below (if applicable).

Pop-up Head Spray Nozzle Replacement $30
Rotor Sprinkler Head Replacement $45
Maxi-Paw Impact Sprinkler Head Replacement $75
Raise or Straighten Spray Head $12
Spray Nozzle Replacement $7
Febco Backflow Part Replacement $95
Watts/Wilkins Backflow Part Replacement $135
Replace Entire Backlflow Preventor $395
RP Double Check Backflow Replacement $695
Backflow Testcock Replacement $25
Ball Valve Replacement $195
Copper Pipe Break Repair $175
Manifold Assembly Rebuild – 4 Valves or Less $800
Manifold Valve Add-ons $100 each
Control Valve Replacement $300
Control Valve Replacement add-on $100
Control Valve Part Replacement $80
Solenoid Replacement $75
Electrical Issue Diagnostics (1 hr minimum) $90/hour
Valve Box Locations Service (1 hr minimum) $90/hour
Four Station Control Clock with Installation $225
Six Station Control Clock with Installation $250
Eight Station Control Clock Installed $275
Twelve Station Control Clock Installed $475
Wi-Fi Module Control Clock Installed & Programmed $175
Rain Sensor Integration & Installation $175
Sprinkler Head Cap $30
Repair Plastic Pipe Leak $90/hour plus parts
Simple Leak Repair $20
Micro Spray Stake and Nozzle Installation $15
Micro Spray Nozzle Installation $2
Stop Waste Valve Replacement $90/hr plus parts
Sales Tax All part prices listed above are subject to sales tax.