New Installation

We provide free estimates for new lawn sprinkler systems. Either call our office or complete our online form to request a free estimate.

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Spring Startup

We excel at getting systems up and running and functioning without exception. We make it easy by having all the parts on our work vehicle.

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Sprinkler Repairs

We are here to repair, expand or fine tune your lawn sprinkler system. Our service area includes the entire Denver metro area.

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Complete our online blowout request form and we'll call you to schedule your blowout time and day. The link is up above. Thank you!

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Community Services

Sprinkler Doctors gives back to our community. In an effort to inspire others, we are sharing a few projects we have undertaken over the years. We welcome other ideas and your partnership. 

  • Homeless Sponsor: Starting in October 2019 we began sponsoring Diana, a homeless lady that was living under Parker Road on the Sulphur Gulch trail. Since then, with a lot of help from the community, we have provided her with food, clothes and shelter. In our opinion, Diana is not mentally well and she appears to be mostly blind. During this time we have seen some very positive changes in her ability to communicate and focus potential solutions. In March 2022,  Adult Protective Services through the court system, appointed Diana a legal guardian. This guardian has work to place Diana in an assisted living center where she resides right now. The legal guardian has also working to redirect her income to provide for her basic necessities. I visited Diana this afternoon, met the caregivers, and am pleased to announce that everyone seems very happy. Sprinkler Doctors and our community are no longer needed to provide for Diana, which is fantastic. That being said, we are continuing to visit her and monitor the situation providing her items she needs from time to time.

  • Scholarships: Made it financially possible for 34 children to attend school in Haiti through an organziation called Shoulder to Sholder with Haiti. 

  • Teaching New Trades: We find organizations that help teach our young people trades. Local No 131 teaches young people how to form and finish concrete.

  • World Vision’s Water Project: We are frequent supporters of this organization’s water project. World Vision is steadily gaining ground at getting clean water to desert areas in Africa where only small amounts of dirty muddy water has been available for the people to drink. 

  • ADRA: Recently, we have assisted the drought victims of Honduras through ADRA. 

  • Nepal Women: By sponsoring surgeries to correct uterine prolapse, we have helped give young women their lives back. This is a problem where the women’s uterus begins to drop out because they started working too soon after giving birth. These women are treated like outcasts once this happens. As a result, the surgery is life changing. 

  • Christmas Offering: We supported Mile High Ministries, an organization that gives legal aide and transitional housing to the vulnerable. We also supported Streets of Hope, an organization that helps women escape sex trafficking. Finally, we supported the Parker Task Force, an organization that provides food, housing and other assistance for those in need.

  • Natural Disasters: We respond to calls for help after hurricanes, earthquakes and droughts.

  • Missions: We are pleased to support couples and families who have left their comfort zones in America to bring the good news to places in this world where it has not been heard. For example, we gave $10,000 to Muslim converts who are risking their lives to bring the good news to their people.

  • At-Risk Children: We sent money for childhood cancer research. We have also found ways to help children receive education. We have also supported organizations that help trafficked children to escape their slavery. In addition, we have funded their rehabilitation and provided legal assistance to imprison their captors.

If you want to join us in giving to any of these charities, feel free to contact us and we will put you in contact with the right people. Call us at 303-800-7011  or you may contact us via the Quick Contact Tool to the right. 

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