New Installation

Free Sprinkler Installation Estimates

We provide free estimates for new lawn sprinkler systems. Either call our office or complete our online form to request a free estimate. Our office is open from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday. We will schedule a one-hour window for our technician to arrive, understand the project, and then provide a free estimate. A new installation entails extending the water line from the outside of the home to the backflow valve and then onto the manifold where control valves send water to various zones within your hard. The control valves will be controlled by a clock mounted somewhere that is easily accessible. This is typically inside your garage.

New System Design

When designing a new sprinkler system, it is our goal to provide good coverage for all of your lawn areas. This typically means ensuring that each sprinkler head has enough pressure to reach the adjacent sprinkler head. Depending on the home water pressure, we typically install just 3 or 4 rotary heads per zone or 3 to 6 pop-up heads. This means that the first thing we’ll do is test your home water pressure. The larger the lawn, the more heads that will be needed, which means more zones.

Executing Methodically with Strong Communication

Our goal is to leave you completely satisfied with the installation process and final product. This means we’ll strive to communicate well and explain what we are doing and why we are doing it the way were do. It is our pleasure to serve you.