Spring Startup

Spring Start-Up ($150 for up to 8 zones, $10 for each additional zone)

This service is typically performed between April 15 and June 15 and includes the following:

  1. Activate the system
  2. Set control clock to optimal schedule
  3. Examine each zone for proper coverage and operation
  4. Perform minor adjustments (head direction, etc.)
  5. Check for leaks from backflow, copper pipes, heads, etc.
  6. Advise customer of any apparent issues requiring further repairs
When is the best time to have your sprinkling system de-winterized?

As eager as you are to get spring underway and your sprinkling system going, make sure you don’t do it before you are sure that winter is really over. For Colorado, sometimens this is not until after Mother’s Day. Many people do the start-up as early as April 15th. However, we don’t recommend that unless you will monitor the weather and know how to do a quick drain in advance of a possible freeze. Another option is to cover your back-flow valve and copper pipe with a blanket or towel and then a plastic bag to survive any surprise freeze. Generally, it would have to go well below freezing and be there for more than a couple hours for problems to arise. Getting water on your turf as soon as possible is nice to help ensure everything comes back strong.

Should I call a professional to do Spring Start UP?

Doing this yourself is not too difficult, but there are some important things to consider before you decide to do it yourself. The fact is that some companies will not guarantee their winterization, unless they also do the start-up in the spring. This is because a start-up can break sprinkler components if done carelessly. If the customer does the start-up, it will be hard to tell if the components broke because the winterization was not done right or because the start-up was not done right.

  • Efficiency

The fact is that turning the sprinklers on, checking that each zone is working properly and that the sprinkler heads are tuned correctly can be a fairly time-consuming and wet job for the homeowner who does this only once a year. Technicians who do it all the time are going to be more efficient. This is especially so if there are parts that need to be replaced. They also have an eye for signs of possible underground breaks. If parts need to be replaced, he is likely to have the needed parts in his vehicle, or if not, he will know where to get the right parts and how to install them.

  • Monitor

Of course, it would be cost prohibitive for the technician to stay an entire day to make sure the programmer is functioning properly. That being said, we will manually run through all the zones with the clock to ensure the system is operating properly. You will want to watch your grass as it heats up to ensure it continues to operate correctly as the time goes on. If you see a section of your lawn struggling, there is a good chance that a new problem arose.

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