The Benefits of a Watts/Wilkins Backflow Preventer

Backflow preventers are essential components of modern plumbing systems. They are designed to protect our drinking water from contamination due to backflow. Watts and Wilkins are two of the most recognized names in the plumbing industry, producing high-quality backflow prevention devices. This article explores the numerous benefits of using a Watts/Wilkins backflow preventer.

1. Protection from Contamination

The primary purpose of any backflow preventer is to stop contaminated water or other substances from flowing back into the clean water supply. Using a Watts/Wilkins backflow device ensures that your drinking water remains safe and uncontaminated, protecting individual households and larger communities.

2. Industry Leading Quality

Watts and Wilkins have built solid reputations for producing durable and efficient products. Their backflow preventers are made with precision and are trusted by plumbing professionals worldwide. Investing in a device from such established brands ensures longevity and reliability.

3. Ease of Maintenance

A significant advantage of the Watts/Wilkins models is their design, facilitating easy maintenance. Many of their units come with modular check assemblies and easily replaceable parts, making routine checks and replacements straightforward for professionals.

4. Diverse Range for Different Needs

Watts and Wilkins offer various backflow preventers suitable for different applications. Whether you need a simple device for a residential setting or a more complex system for industrial usage, a Watts/Wilkins product will likely be tailored to your requirements.

5. Compliance with Standards

Both brands manufacture their backflow preventers to meet or exceed industry standards. This compliance ensures that users get a device aligned with current safety and operational benchmarks.

6. Support and Training

Watts and Wilkins both provide substantial support to their customers. From detailed installation manuals to training sessions for professionals, these brands ensure that those installing or maintaining their devices have the knowledge and resources they need.

7. Environmental Benefits

Watts/Wilkins backflow preventers also support environmental conservation efforts by preventing contaminants from entering the drinking water system. Clean water systems are vital for human consumption and entire ecosystems that depend on uncontaminated water.

8. Economic Benefits

Though there is an upfront cost associated with purchasing and installing a backflow preventer, the economic benefits, in the long run, are substantial. Consider the costs of treating water contamination or addressing health issues from contaminated drinking water. Users can avoid these potential costs by investing in a reliable system upfront.

9. Peace of Mind

For many, the sheer peace of mind that comes with knowing their water is protected from potential contaminants is invaluable. With a Watts/Wilkins backflow preventer, homeowners and business operators can rest easy knowing they’ve taken a significant step in ensuring their water’s safety.


The significance of backflow preventers in safeguarding our water cannot be understated. With brands like Watts and Wilkins at the forefront, users can be confident in these devices’ protection. Whether you’re a homeowner, a business owner, or a municipality official, investing in a Watts/Wilkins backflow preventer is a decision that prioritizes safety, quality, and long-term benefits.