New Installation

We provide free estimates for new lawn sprinkler systems. Either call our office or complete our online form to request a free estimate.

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Spring Startup

We excel at getting systems up and running and functioning without exception. We make it easy by having all the parts on our work vehicle.

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Sprinkler Repairs

We are here to repair, expand or fine tune your lawn sprinkler system. Our service area includes the entire Denver metro area.

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Complete our online blowout request form and we'll call you to schedule your blowout time and day. The link is up above. Thank you!

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A Local Company with People that Care

The Sprinkler Doctor repairs lawn sprinkler systems throughout the Denver Metro area. Our team is unique in that all of our people are W2 employees paid hourly. Nobody is paid a commission or bonus for selling extra parts or services. Our team of sprinkler technicians are well trained, well equipped, and eager to serve. We can help you with a myriad of problems including the following: 

  • Repair low pressure problems
  • Find and repair leaks
  • Improve coverage problems¬†
  • Replace and adjust heads
  • Find the cause and fix problems resulting in unusually high water bills
  • Add additional heads and zones to an existing system
  • Optimize clock settings
  • Repair or replace manifolds or backflows
  • Repair or replace control valves
  • Track down and repair electrical problems
For questions or to schedule our sprinkler repair, we can be reached in two ways:
  • Call us at 303-800-7011 or
  • Click on Contact Us¬† fill out the request form.

Our work will help ensure you have a lush green lawn, lovely bushes and colorful flowers all summer long. This will become easier with a sprinkling system that works when and where you need it to work. Call the Sprinkler Doctor and you will quickly realize that this sprinkler repair company cares about people.

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