System Tune-Up/Diagnostics ($135 service call + $100/hour when on site if not installing parts.

The sprinkler tune-up assumes the system has already been activated. In this case, the customer feels that it may not be watering adequately as overly dry or overly saturated areas are appearing. As such, the customer would like to optimize or improve system operation. The sprinkler tune-up typically involves the following:

  1. Check for sprinkler heads that are not aimed correctly or are not at the proper height
  2. Check for evidence of leaks in underground pipes
  3. Check for clogged sprinkler heads
  4. Check for maturing plants that may be obstructing the spray
  5. Check control clock function and settings
  6. Make adjustments and repairs as necessary

Please give us a call if you would like to schedule our sprinkler tune-up service.