We Provide Deep Plug Lawn Aeration

Serving the Denver Metro Area

The Sprinkler Doctor offers deep plug lawn aeration throughout the Denver Metro Area at the same low price. There are two ways to schedule. One way is to call our office between 8 and 5 Monday through Friday. Alternatively, you can complete our online form and we will call you.

Have you ever had your lawn aerated and didn’t feel it was a very deep plug? Well, this is because folks don’t fill the front barrel with water, which allows weight to be pressed into the plugs resulting in actual deep plugs. Not filling the roller with water makes the machine easier to move, turn, and transport. We fill the barrel, which allows maximum pressure during the aeration process. So, call us if you want the full benefit of deep plugs!

Lawn Aeration Benefits

Deep plug lawn aeration provides crucial benefits to your turf. Here are some of the benefits:

  1. Reduces soil compaction, allowing water and nutrients to better reach the root system
  2. Reduces thatch, which is a layer of dead and living plants between the grass and root system
  3. Improves the lawn’s response to fertilizer

When soil becomes even slightly compacted, it inhibits the flow of air, water, and nutrients that support a thick and healthy lawn. In fact, a layer of compacted soil as thin as ¼” to ½” significantly impacts the healthiness of your turf. When compacted soil deprives the lawn of essential elements, the grass may struggle and lose its rich, healthy color during stressful conditions such as heat or drought. Stressed grass is also less able to combat various diseases common in Colorado. Therefore, we highly recommend our deep plug lawn aeration to ensure your lawn the best chance of survival when challenged.

Call (303) 800-7011 or complete our online form to schedule your 1 hour aeration arrival window. We look forward to serving you.