Title: Rocky Mountain Sprinklers: Hydrating the Landscape of the West

In landscape irrigation, few names are as prominent as Rocky Mountain Sprinklers (RMS), a leading provider of high-quality irrigation systems and services. The company, which has become synonymous with innovation, reliability, and environmental conservation, has managed to transform the landscapes of the Rocky Mountain region and beyond, contributing to the scenic beauty we associate with the American West.


Founded in 2021, Rocky Mountain Sprinklers is headquartered in Denver, Colorado, serving the state and neighboring regions with its top-notch sprinkler systems and comprehensive irrigation services. The company’s foundation was laid on sustainability, service quality, and customer satisfaction, which continue to guide its operations today.


Rocky Mountain Sprinklers offers a comprehensive range of irrigation services that cater to diverse customer needs. The company provides a one-stop solution for all irrigation requirements, from design and installation to maintenance and repair. With a team of certified irrigation professionals, RMS ensures that its systems are installed correctly and function optimally, saving customers time and water.

The company is known for its meticulous planning process. Understanding that each landscape is unique, RMS customizes irrigation plans to suit the specific needs of every project, whether it’s a residential garden or a large commercial landscape. The company’s design team considers various factors, such as soil type, water source and pressure, plant requirements, and local weather patterns, to design an efficient and effective irrigation system.

Innovation and Sustainability

Its commitment to innovation and sustainability sets Rocky Mountain Sprinklers apart from its competitors. RMS believes that efficient irrigation is the key to water conservation. To this end, the company has adopted innovative irrigation technology in its products, including soil moisture sensors, weather-based controllers, and low-volume drip irrigation systems. These systems conserve water, resulting in healthier plants and lower utility bills.

RMS also focuses on educating its customers about water-efficient practices, reinforcing its commitment to sustainability. They promote using native and drought-tolerant plants, optimal watering times, and regular system maintenance to help customers maintain their landscapes in an eco-friendly manner.

Community Involvement

Rocky Mountain Sprinklers has always prioritized community involvement. The company actively participates in local events, sponsors community initiatives, and provides educational seminars on water conservation. Its commitment to the community extends beyond business interests, reflected in its dedication to creating green, sustainable environments for everyone to enjoy.

Looking Ahead

In the future, Rocky Mountain Sprinklers plans to continue to innovate and promote water conservation through its products and services. The company invests in research and development to create more efficient and user-friendly irrigation technologies.

From humble beginnings to becoming a leader in landscape irrigation, Rocky Mountain Sprinklers have made a remarkable journey. Through its combination of high-quality products, superior service, and dedication to sustainability, the company continues to hydrate the landscape of the West, one drop at a time.

Rocky Mountain Sprinklers is more than just a company; it’s a champion of the environment and a steward of the landscapes that make our world beautiful. The company’s success story inspires businesses everywhere, showing how commercial success and environmental responsibility can go hand in hand.