Title: A Comprehensive Guide to the Different Types of Hunter Industry Sprinkler Heads


Hunter Industries has long been recognized as a leading manufacturer of irrigation products, including high-quality sprinkler heads. With a wide range of options, selecting the right sprinkler head for your specific needs can seem daunting. This article aims to simplify the process by providing an overview of the various types of Hunter Industry sprinkler heads available in the market.

Pop-up Spray Heads:

Pop-up spray heads are among residential and commercial irrigation systems’ most commonly used sprinkler heads. These versatile heads are designed to retract into the ground when not in use, preventing damage and maintaining a clean appearance. Hunter’s pop-up spray heads feature adjustable spray patterns, allowing you to customize the watering radius and shape to match your landscape’s unique requirements.

Fixed Spray Heads:

Fixed spray heads, or stationary spray heads, provide a consistent water distribution pattern. They are ideal for small to medium-sized areas with precise watering needs, such as flower beds, shrubs, or garden spaces. Hunter’s fixed spray heads are available in different spray patterns, including full-circle, half-circle, and quarter-circle, allowing you to achieve efficient water coverage.

Rotary Nozzles:

Rotary nozzles offer superior water efficiency by delivering multiple rotating streams of water, reducing runoff, and providing uniform coverage. Hunter’s rotary nozzles are designed with matched precipitation rates, meaning each nozzle in a given zone applies water at the same rate, ensuring balanced watering across the entire area. These nozzles are adjustable, enabling you to modify the distance, arc, and flow to suit specific landscape needs.

MP Rotators:

Hunter’s MP Rotators combine rotary nozzles’ water-saving features with traditional spray heads’ flexibility. These multi-stream rotating nozzles deliver water more slowly, reducing the risk of runoff and improving water penetration into the soil. MP Rotators are highly efficient and offer customizable radius and arc adjustments, making them suitable for various landscape designs.

Gear-driven Rotors:

Gear-driven rotors are ideal for larger areas and are commonly used in commercial or large residential irrigation systems. Hunter’s gear-driven rotors feature advanced water-saving technologies, such as pressure regulation and check valves, to ensure optimal performance. These rotors can cover large areas with adjustable arcs and radius settings, making them suitable for expansive lawns or athletic fields.

Specialty Sprinklers:

Hunter Industries also offers a range of specialty sprinklers designed for specific applications. This includes bubblers for precise watering of individual plants, micro-sprays for narrow planting areas or groundcover, and strip pattern nozzles for long, limited spaces like walkways or medians. These specialty sprinklers allow for efficient and targeted watering in unique landscape situations.


Selecting the right sprinkler head is essential for achieving an efficient and effective irrigation system. Hunter Industries offers various sprinkler heads suitable for multiple applications, from residential gardens to large commercial landscapes. By understanding the different types of sprinkler heads available, you can decide based on your specific watering needs, landscape size, and water efficiency goals. Whether you opt for pop-up spray heads, rotary nozzles, or gear-driven rotors, Hunter Industries’ sprinkler heads are built to deliver reliable performance, uniform water distribution, and long-lasting durability.