Title: “Boulder Valley Lawn Sprinklers: Championing Green Spaces, One Sprinkle at a Time”

Founded in the heart of Colorado, Boulder Valley Lawn Sprinklers is a company that has made its mission to rejuvenate and maintain green spaces through efficient and sustainable watering systems. Dedicated to the essence of lawns and their beauty in homes, commercial areas, and public parks, the company has become a local standard-bearer in the lawn irrigation industry.

History and Growth

The journey of Boulder Valley Lawn Sprinklers began in 1997 when a group of landscape enthusiasts decided to establish a company that could cater to Boulder’s needs for adequate, sustainable lawn irrigation. Back then, they only had a small office and limited tools, but they held onto their dream of becoming Boulder’s premier lawn care provider. Today, they’re known throughout Boulder and the broader Colorado region for their premium quality services and innovative irrigation solutions.

Services and Offerings

Boulder Valley Lawn Sprinklers offers a wide array of services, from installing new sprinkler systems, sprinkler repair, and drip irrigation setup to seasonal maintenance services. They also provide personalized consultations and system designs based on a property’s needs.

What sets them apart is their commitment to implementing the latest irrigation technology in their projects. They employ smart controllers, sensors, rainwater harvesting systems, and water-efficient sprinkler heads. This aligns with their drive to promote water conservation while ensuring the optimal growth and beauty of their clients’ lawns.

Sustainability and Environmental Commitment

Understanding the importance of water resources, Boulder Valley Lawn Sprinklers is dedicated to promoting responsible water usage. They advocate for using high-efficiency irrigation systems that conserve water and lead to significant savings on water bills.

Moreover, they engage in green practices such as recycling materials from old sprinkler systems and promoting native and drought-resistant plants in landscaping projects. Their commitment to sustainable practices earned them recognition from various local environmental organizations and a feature in Colorado’s Green Living Magazine in 2022.

Community Engagement

Boulder Valley Lawn Sprinklers is not just a business but part of the Boulder community. The company has been actively involved in various local initiatives, such as contributing to Boulder Parks and Recreation’s “Greening Our Parks” program and offering free sprinkler system setups to local community gardens. Their commitment to giving back to their community further cements their status as a beloved local business.


Boulder Valley Lawn Sprinklers has indeed carved a niche in the lawn care and irrigation services landscape. Their relentless dedication to quality, innovation, and sustainable practices has transformed countless lawns and green spaces in and around Boulder. Above all, their commitment to the community and the environment shows that they’re not just about business but about nurturing a greener and more sustainable Boulder.