Thank you for scheduling your sprinkler system winterization with Sage Solutions / Sprinkler Doctor. This email confirms your appointment.

Our winterization process utilizes a gas powered air compressor to push all the water out of each zone as well as to the bleed valve at the basement shut-off valve. We invite you to personally observe this procedure of removing all the water from your system.

In rare cases, customers will find freeze damage to their system in the spring. This can occur if someone inadvertently turns on the water to the sprinkler system during the winter or if the main shut-off to the sprinkler system has a very slow leak. The latter problem can refill the system over several months, assuming it is a slow leak. The best way to detect this type of problem is to periodically inspect the bleed-valves on your back-flow throughout the winter. There should be no sign of water after our winterization process.

Our winterization warranty is that we properly removed the water from the system at the time of service. Due to the aforementioned possible problems, we do not guarantee that your system will remain free of water all winter long. There is no warranty against damage discovered in the spring. Please note that problems like this are extremely rare; however, they can happen.

If your system has a history of freeze damage after being winterized, you are advised to hire a licensed plumber to replace the sprinkler system main shut-off valve inside your house. This is not a service we provide.

We appreciate your business and look forward to serving you soon. Please feel free to contact us at any time.

The Sage Solutions Team